The term “intellectual property” is a general definition of exclusive rights to non-material assets.
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Intellectual property

Intellectual property rights in particular include:

  • copyright and related rights,
  • industrial property rights, including patents, trademarks, industrial and functional patterns
  • combatting unfair competition.

Intellectual property is one of the greatest assets of any company. This is why it is exceptionally important for the success of the business to manage this property correctly. The way in which contracts regarding this branch of law are formulated is significant for scope of the rights acquired and for how these exclusive rights may be exploited.

With this in mind, our firm provides legal counsel during the creation and negotiation of contracts, including those regarding IT projects, and development of a policy for managing intellectual property in a given company. We also offer advice in situations when the client’s rights to intellectual property are violated or when the client has been accused of such a violation. In such cases we also represent clients in court.

Additionally, we assist in the drawing up of terms and conditions for use of services provided by electronic means and for web shops.