These are the fields of law that we specialize in

Each member of our team is an outstanding professional in their own areas of law. Our specialized lawyers are prepared to provide legal counsel at the highest level.

Based on the professional interests and experience of the partners in our firm, our main specializations are tax and criminal law, including fiscal penal and administrative law. It’s in these areas that we have the most to offer and in which we work most often. The earlier you come to us, the better are our chances of achieving a positive result and minimizing negative legal consequences.

Moreover, our team includes specialists in intellectual property law who are experienced in copyright law, industrial property, and combatting unfair competition. The intellectual property division of our firm also offers legal counsel concerning IT projects.

In addition to the above, our partners are also experienced in the e-Commerce market. In this area we offer aid in preparing terms and conditions, and in matters concerning personal data protection, among others.

A further division of our firm deals with pharmaceutical law. Our lawyers have worked in the field for many years, both at the national and international level.

Thanks to our knowledge of financial instruments and project budgeting principles, our firm can offer services related to life science. Documents pertaining to such cases undergo thorough analysis in terms of legal security and financial structure.

Our firm also gives counsel on business and commercial law. Our lawyers can advise you on which legal form to choose for a new business, as well as dealing with the registration of commercial entities for you. We organize holding structures while paying careful attention to legal stability, effective management, risk allocation, and tax optimization.

Finally, our firm provides services in the field of civil law, including family law with particular regard to the division of assets, contracts and tort law. We assist in negotiation the contracts, including contracts for construction, commission, sale, rent, and leasing, as well as factoring or franchise agreements, and help clients pursue claims in civil proceedings.