Combatting Unfair Competition

The Act on Combatting Unfair Competition dated 16 April 1993 regulates both combatting and prevention of unfair competition in economic activity.

A preliminary condition for the application of the Act is the establishment of the fact that the behavior under consideration is in close association with economic activity. The goal of the Act is essentially the protection of the public interest, and the interests of businesses and their customers, in particular consumers. The construction of the Act is based on the general definition of unfair competition as outlined in the general clause, Article 3 paragraph 1. Paragraph 2 of Article 3 includes examples of unfair competition, with the details of these actions discussed in Chapter 2 of the Act.

Among the examples of unfair competition presented are slavish imitation (Article 13), violation of trade secrets (Article 11), and unfair or forbidden advertising (Article 16).